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PM Central


PM Central

PM Central is a centralized location where you can view and provide real-time status of the entire ITS project portfolio. PM Central's tailored project workspace site templates let project teams proactively track, organize, maintain, and report statuses, tasks, risks, budgets, and issues for projects—allowing you to effectively communicate project expectations to team members and stakeholders in a clear, timely fashion, from the task level all the way up to an executive summary.
Click here to access PM Central  (URL:

How Does It Work?

PM Central automatically tracks individual projects across ITS in one workspace. Project team members only need to update the information in a particular list on their project site, and their data is automatically populated in all related areas on the top-level portfolio site. In this top-level site, the data from all project and department sites is aggregated for display in portfolio dashboards to provide real-time, at-a-glance executive information.
PM Central consists of three levels:
  • Portfolio Site (Top-Level Site): This site shows the aggregated data of all of its project subsites. It contains multiple dashboards that report on tasks, issues, risks and schedules.
  • Project Site: This site is a subsite of the portfolio site and is designed to have its data rolled up to the portfolio site for a comprehensive status of all projects in your portfolio. It is an enhanced template that provides uniform project data input, visual status of tasks and issues, a Gantt View to track all project tasks at once, a File Explorer-type interface for navigating uploaded documents, online project-related discussions
  • Department Site: This optional site displays a filtered view of project sites based on specific criteria, such as projects that have a specific project manager or a specific project type.


What Do I Have To Do?

The Portfolio site was created and all ITS employees were added to the Enterprise Resource Pool (If you can't find an employees name to add to a project, please email with the employees name and Network ID) 


  1. Once a Project Site is created (through Irma or PM Central) > Update the Project Summary on the project homepage.
  2. Assign project resources to your projects
  3. Create your tasks, issues and risks for your project. You must manually enter in this data.

After you have finished these steps, the portfolio and department sites' Project Summary, Project Summary List, Reports, All Tasks, My Summary, Issues and Risks are automatically populated with data. The project site's Overview, My Summary and Issues are automatically populated with data. (data update takes @ 10 minutes to display on the Portfolio Site)








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