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Create Project or Task


Request scored...what's next?

Once the request has been scored and given the green light it's time to turn the request into a new PM Central project or a task in an existing PM Central project.
If you are already on the Request Review page skip to #3.
  1. Click on the"New Requests" button

  2. NewRequests.png 

  3. Click on the Request ID


  4. Set Request Status to "Active"
    • Status MUST BE "ACTIVE" to create a new project or add the request as a task to an existing project
  5. Add Comments
    • Comments are included in email updates to the Requestor. Please ensure all comments are User-Friendly. 
  6. Select Project Type
    • Project Type determines the project template used when creating a new project
    • Optimization Task will give you the option to choose the project where the new task will be added
  7. Click Save Updates
  8. The page will refresh and you can review the request one more time
  9. Click Review and Submit Project/Task
  10. On the Project Summary Page you can Change the Title of your new project/task
  11. Choose the Request Type
    • Application Upgrade
    • Break/Fix
    • Epic Site Go-Live
    • Interface Development 
    • Intranet Dept Site
    • New Application Implementation
    • New Technology Implementation
    • Optimization Project
    • Optimization Task
    • Pilot Project
    • Team Site
    • Technology Upgrade
    • Training 
    • Web Development
  12. Click Create Project






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