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  • How do I get access to Epic?
  • What are the system requirements for E-learnings?

    E-learnings are accessed through Skillport.

    Java is required to access E-learnings. You can install Java by going to the website and following the instructions on the website.

    Additional system requirements can be viewed here:

    You can check if your browser is configured correctly to use Skillport here: ​

    If you are having issues accessing SkillPort and are utilizing one of the health system workstations, please call the Service Desk at 203-688-4357 (HELP).


  • How do I logon to Skillport to access Epic Elearnings?

    Go to:
    You will be greeted with a login screen. 

    In the "Network ID" field, Type your Network ID (provided to you by the Epic Training Team) 
    In the "Password" field, Type epictrain 
    Click "Login to SkillPort"


    You will be brought to the homepage:
    Click on the "Catalog" button (Step 1).  You will then see a list of folders on the right hand side. 
    Click the plus sign (+) next to "E-Learning" (Step 2).

    Once you see the E-Learning Module that you would like to view, hover over the module until it is highlighted in grey with the "launch and show details" link. 
    Click "launch" to start the E-learning.  (The E-Learning will open in a separate window)



  • How do I get access to other YNHHS Systems?
    To obtain access to your Network ID, e-mail, Epic and other YNHHS applications, you must submit a request for access.

    Complete and Submit the Request for Access Form
    Complete the form to the best of your ability and fax or email the completed form to the Service Desk.

    Please allow 5-7 business days for processing.

    The Service Desk will contact you (or if you are part of YMG or a health system employee they may contact your coordinator or manager directly) once your request has been processed.

    Service Desk Fax: 203-502-4987
    Service Desk E-Mail: