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For Physicians and Health Professionals

Physicians, nurses and other allied health professionals form a collegial team within the Yale New Haven Health System.

We value our relationships with our faculty and staff, as well as with our professional colleagues in the community.

ITS (Information Technology Services) recognizes that clinicians have unique needs when it comes to technology.

Here you will find step by step instructions to get connected at YNHHS.

 Getting Started

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  • Step 1: Request Access to YNHHS Systems
    To obtain access to your Network ID, e-mail, Epic and other YNHHS applications, you must submit a request for access.

    Complete and Submit the Request for Access Form
    Complete the form to the best of your ability and fax or email the completed form to the Service Desk. 

    Please allow 5-7 business days for processing.

    Someone from ITS will contact you (or if you are part of YMG or a health system employee they may contact your coordinator or manager directly) once your request has been processed.

    Service Desk Fax: 203-502-4987
    Service Desk E-Mail:

  • Step 2: (Epic Access Requestors) Contact the Epic Training Team
    In order to register for training and obtain your SkillPort ID, you must contact the Epic Training Team.  The Epic Training Team will enroll you in the appropriate courses based upon your specialty and areas of coverage.  

    E-mail the Epic Training Team ( with your contact information.

    Please include:
    • Your Full Name
    • Month and Day of Birth
    • Best Way to Reach You (email, cell number, etc) 

    The Epic Training Team will contact you to arrange for SkillPort Access and assist you with the registration process.

  • Step 3: (Epic Access Requestors) Review Recommended E-learnings.

    System Requirements and additional information about skillport can be found in the FAQs section.

    The following E-Learnings are recommended as you may rotate to different areas of the Health System. 
    These E-Learnings contain content regarding the inpatient, ambulatory, and emergency department documentation modules.

    EpicCare Inpatient:
    INP000: Overview of Hyperspace
    INP001A: Physician Rounding Overview, Part 1 – Reviewing A Patient’s Current Hospitalization
    INP001B: Physician Rounding Overview, Part 2 – Documenting On A Patient While Rounding
    INP135: Managing Orders
    CLN005: Reviewing Past Visits & Labs
    INP185: Placing Orders With Order Sets
    INP140: Chart Completion Using InBasket
    INP003: Physician Admission Overview
    INP005A: Physician Transfer Overview
    INP006: Discharge Overview

    EpicCare Ambulatory:
    AMB001: Office Visit Demonstration
    CLN005: Reviewing Past Visits and Results
    AMB029: Facility-Administered Medications
    AMB006: Placing Orders
    AMB030: Abstracting Paper Charts

    ED010: Overview of Hyperspace for ASAP Users
    ED011: ED Shift Change
    ED040: Consult Tracking
    ED021: Reviewing Results
    ED302: Modify and Save Order Set Defaults
    ED752a: Reporting Workbench Part I